European cycle messenger champions 2013

1. Martin Brunner, Flash Zürich - CH
1. Josephine Reitzel, Velocite Lausanne - CH

2. Raphael Pfeiffer, Velocite Lausanne - CH
2. Ursula Schneider, Metropol Basel - CH

3. Hannes Schmid, VeloKurier Freiburg - DE
3. Celine Peng, Velokurier Bern - CH

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Welcome to Bern, welcome to the Lorraine neighbourhood, welcome at Velokurier Bern!

This year the cooperative Velokurier Bern is celebrating its 25th year in business. We invite you to celebrate with us a quarter of a century of cycle messenger history and city history. Let‘s take this anniversary as an occasion to invite cycle messengers from throughout the world to join us in Berne and to organize a wonderful messenger event in the midst of the city: The European Cycle Messenger Championship 2013!

We promise a four-day bicycle party with international charisma and local roots. Working together closely with the local committee "Läbigi Lorraine" we are set to create a lively and diversified program for everyone. The „ Velokurier Bern“ anniversary party will be the event’s musical and cultural highlight.

Program & Inscription

After Madrid 2011 and Edinburgh 2012 the European championship take place for the 18th time. The most prestigious event will be the Main-Race in which a typical cycle messenger’s day is simulated. Over 200 international competitors will receive a race manifest containing a multitude of different assignments. Letters, parcels and bulky objects need to be picked up at checkpoints and transported to others. The goal in this race, which can easily take hours, is to combine the different assignments cleverly and, by doing so, completing them as fast as possible. For this, a tactically and physically challenging course is planned in the neighbourhood, demanding full effort of the competitors. On the race day the Lorraine neighbourhood will be closed to traffic.

ecmc13 pre-event

ECMC Pre-Event in Milano 15. and 16. Juni,
ECMC Pre-Event - Group Ride MILANO–BERN 17. to 20. Juni
organized by our friends at
the Urban Bike Messenger – Ci vediamo!

THURSDAY 20th June
from 15.00 Inscription, “Allerlei” Serini
18.00 Welcome Apéro, Serini
20.00 Bear Hunter Alleycat, “Allerlei” Serini
22.00 Radiesli und Velokurier rocking the Rössli, Reitschule

FRIDAY, 21st June
11.00 - 17.00 Sprint, Skid, Backwardcircle, Trackstand and Footdown, Engehalde
Gold Sprint, Wartsaal

presented by:

11.00-17.00 ECXC Funny Races by MEO Basel, Engehalde
ab 12.00 Inscription, “Allerlei” Serini
18.30 Start Midsummerrideout, Serini

SATURDAY 22th June
09.00 Riders Meeting, Serini
10.00-13.00 Qualification Main Race
16.30 RidersMeeting, Serini
17.00-20.00 Final Main Race
21.00 Award ceremony, Serini
20.00 25 Years Velokurier Bern
velokurier logo
with The Monofones (Sixties Garage Trash Punk), Dead Bunny (Direct Rock) & Capital Soul Sinners (Boss in Northern & Motown Soul, Popcorn, Rhythm’n’Blues, Rocksteady and Reggae), Serini

and …

09.00 Brunchen at Kairo and Wartsaal
09.00-23.00 100days-Goodies-Abgabe, Serini-Mauer
10.00-20.00 Goldsprint for EVERY ONE, Wartsaal
presented by

12.00 Parcours for Kids, Brache Centralweg, organisiert vom VLL
12.00 Crazy Wheels for everyone, Lorraineschulhaus
15.00 Vintage market at Volo
15.00 Fashion show with Klara Maria Iseli, Anna Yerim Yang and Schnittpunkt mit Livemusik von Jack the Planet, Lorrainestrasse
15.00 Playground at Steckweg
15.00 Concert l’oli rokl’a, at the lorraine park
17.30 Jazz conzert t.Eliot, Wartsaal
pictures of the race all night long , Q-hof
21.30 Krassimir Orkestar, Wartsaal

SUNDAY, 23rd June
09.00 Brunch at the Brasserie
11.00 Farewell-Brunch and ECMC2014 open forum, tba
12.00 Dow Jones and the Nikkeis, Konzert in der Brass

Do you want to ride?

Please fill out the form in order to register. The registration fee is 40 Euros or 50 Swiss Francs. It covers the races, food on the Main-Race day and the 25 years Velokurier Bern party.
Switzerland is an expensive country, we know that. But don't worry, we will supply you with good food and drinks.

After completing the form, you will receive a confirmation mail.
Please pay the fee to complete your registration!

We will donate one Swiss Franc for each registration to the
London Courier Emergency Fund.

See you soon!

pdf   Are you a snoopy messenger? Here is the definite race map.

ecmc13 registration closed


The European Cycle Messenger Championship 2013 is organized by a organization committee which is comprised of voluntary staff. We are supported by countless helpers, creative heads and last but not least by the population of the Lorraine neighborhood. In addition to hands on work, we rely on financial support for authorizations, security, infrastructure and the everyday needs of our volunteer staff and the competitors.

Just contact us - we are looking forward to working with you!

Account nr.: 85-532305-1
IBAN: CH49 0900 0000 8553 2305 1

Interested in a sponsorship?
Contact us on
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Do you want to help us during the event?
Please login on Swiss Olympic Volunteer or write us an eMail to - see you soon!

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Who we are

Verein Europameisterschaft der VelokurierInnen Bern
c/o Velokurier Bern
Dammweg 41
CH - 3013 Bern

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